Working towards Dancer Pose

This term we are working towards Dancer Pose.

But before we get anywhere near the full pose, we will be working on opening the hips, stretching the muscles in the front of the thighs, strengthening and stretching the shoulders and increasing our awareness of the position of our hips and chest in various poses. We will also be working on different balancing poses to help improve our balance and strengthen our ankles.

The benefits of Dancer Pose include stretching and opening of shoulders and chest, stretching of thigh, groin and abdomen muscles, strengthening of leg and ankle joints and muscles and working on improving your balance.

Remember, only try this pose after you have extensively warmed up your body and there will always be modifications we can do to make this pose accessible to every body.

Note the picture here is just for a guide, every one is different and it’s more important to do the pose with integrity in your body rather than trying to fit your body to some ‘perfect’ shape.

An example of Dancer Pose

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