Working towards Dancer Pose

This term we are working towards Dancer Pose.

But before we get anywhere near the full pose, we will be working on opening the hips, stretching the muscles in the front of the thighs, strengthening and stretching the shoulders and increasing our awareness of the position of our hips and chest in various poses. We will also be working on different balancing poses to help improve our balance and strengthen our ankles.

The benefits of Dancer Pose include stretching and opening of shoulders and chest, stretching of thigh, groin and abdomen muscles, strengthening of leg and ankle joints and muscles and working on improving your balance.

Remember, only try this pose after you have extensively warmed up your body and there will always be modifications we can do to make this pose accessible to every body.

Note the picture here is just for a guide, every one is different and it’s more important to do the pose with integrity in your body rather than trying to fit your body to some ‘perfect’ shape.

An example of Dancer Pose

Class theme 11 – Balance

In classes this week we will be working on balance. Balance is about physical alignment, strength and attention and as a result, many different things, both physical and mental, affect our ability to balance on any given day. In yoga we are working on:

– improving the alignment of the body so that it works efficiently with gravity,

– gradually building our muscle and joint strength,

– bringing our mind into the present moment.

We can also use a steady gaze point and a calm breath to help to still the mind.

Whilst concentrating on the physical balance, our nervous impulses, thoughts and emotions are also brought into balance.  Practising balances also gives us the opportunity to practice self-acceptance and being kind to ourselves, because it’s ok if we don’t manage it today….it’s the act of practising which is important.


Class theme 10 – Breathing

Breathing is such an important part of yoga. Yoga helps us to become aware of our breath and to notice the effect of the breath on the body and the mind.

Breathing is an automatic process, which is affected by the health of our body and our mind. When our mind is feeling stressed and anxious, our breath reflects this by being shallow, short and fast. Taking slow, deep, calm, even breaths can help to calm the mind and relax the body, reducing stress and balancing emotions. As such, the breath is an important link between our unconscious, automatic systems and our conscious, thinking brain. It is unusual because it is one of the only autonomic systems which we are able to consciously control and this means we are able to have a conscious effect on our mental state and our emotions by learning to consciously control the breath.

In yoga we can practice healthy breathing exercises, which help to strengthen the chest and breathing muscles, help to improve the capacity of our lungs and also help us to develop more healthy breathing habits. Additionally, focusing on the breath helps us to be more mindfully focused on the present moment.

In class this week we will be focusing on the breath, moving with the breath, using the breath to help us relax and helping to build healthy breathing habits.


Class theme 9 – Opening your heart

If your chest is collapsed in and deflated, then your heart and your mind are probably going along with it.  In class this week, we are going to work on opening up our chest, relaxing our shoulders, making room for our lungs, opening our posture, opening our minds and our hearts and thinking about being kind to ourselves and others.


Class theme 8 – Strengthening the core

When we talk about having a strong core, we are not talking about a 6-pack of muscles…and it’s definitely not about what’s on the outside…it’s about building strength and stability deep inside…it’s about your internal muscles working together to stabilise and align your body, improve your posture, improve your range of motion and lessen the chance of back pain.  In class this week we will be working towards improving the strength and stability in your inner muscles… and don’t forget every time you come to a yoga class you are working on improving your inner mental strength as well!


Class theme 7 – Relaxing

Learning to relax is an important aspect of yoga (and life!)…. recognising tension in your muscles, learning to relax your muscles at will, relaxing in between poses, and allowing your muscles to relax and release during poses, all help to improve our strength and flexibility whilst also counteracting the effects of stress on our bodies and minds. Join us this week for some quality conscious relaxation….


Class theme 6 – Twisting your insides

This week we are going to be focusing on the health of our spines again with TWISTS!

Twisting in yoga practice helps to keep your back supple and strong, so you can twist easily, and without pain, in daily life.

Twists help to massage and stimulate our internal organs which can improve digestion and stimulate metabolism.

Twisting can also help to open up the chest, shoulders and back and improve posture, all of which can help to release stored tension and decrease feelings of anxiousness.


Class theme 5 – Hip openers

This week classes will be focusing on hip opening poses. It is common in Western Cultures for people to have tight hips, mainly because we sit in chairs a lot and rarely sit in hip opening positions like squatting. Yoga can help you to work on the suppleness of your hip joints, which can help ease back pain, improve your mobility and even improve the circulation in your legs.


Class theme 4 – Back strengthening

This week’s classes are focusing on building back strength. Deep, easy breathing and freedom of movement are only possible with a healthy spine. Yoga helps you to increase the flexibility and movement in the spinal joints whilst also improving the strength of the muscles supporting this delicate structure. Join us for some strengthening, stretching, lengthening, posture-improving, and most importantly, relaxing.


Class theme 3 – Building shoulder and arm strength

This week’s classes will be focusing on building shoulder, arm and wrist strength…. and we will also be talking about practising yoga without strain and listening to your body.  This includes taking a rest when your body tells you to – mountain pose, child pose, swan, and lying down are all good resting poses in between other more vigorous postures.