Class theme 5 – Hip openers

This week classes will be focusing on hip opening poses. It is common in Western Cultures for people to have tight hips, mainly because we sit in chairs a lot and rarely sit in hip opening positions like squatting. Yoga can help you to work on the suppleness of your hip joints, which can help ease back pain, improve your mobility and even improve the circulation in your legs.


Class theme 4 – Back strengthening

This week’s classes are focusing on building back strength. Deep, easy breathing and freedom of movement are only possible with a healthy spine. Yoga helps you to increase the flexibility and movement in the spinal joints whilst also improving the strength of the muscles supporting this delicate structure. Join us for some strengthening, stretching, lengthening, posture-improving, and most importantly, relaxing.


Class theme 3 – Building shoulder and arm strength

This week’s classes will be focusing on building shoulder, arm and wrist strength…. and we will also be talking about practising yoga without strain and listening to your body.  This includes taking a rest when your body tells you to – mountain pose, child pose, swan, and lying down are all good resting poses in between other more vigorous postures.


Class theme 2 – Strong legs

The theme of this week’s classes is STRONG LEGS AND BEING GROUNDED

Having strength in your legs and a strong connection to the ground is important physically for:

  • stability
  • balance
  • movement
  • stamina
  • balance and efficiency within the body

…and being grounded is also important for your mental wellbeing, it helps you to be:

  • focused
  • calm
  • in the present moment
  • strong
  • balanced in your everyday life


Class theme 1 – Standing tall

The theme for this week’s classes is ‘Standing tall and lengthening‘….length in your spine and good posture are important in so many ways…
– providing more space for your vertebrae resulting in greater freedom of movement and reducing pain,
– increasing the room for your lungs enabling you to breathe better,
– minimising strain on muscles, bones and joints, lessening fatigue in the body,
– making you feel more confident, stronger and more positive.